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Grow your music career like a signed artist by working with your personal team of experts.


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Get live access to former record label employees and music industry experts.

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Discuss your current situation, problems, or specific goals with qualified professionals.

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Grow your music career like a signed artist with step-by-step solutions and expert support.


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Every Artist Needs A Team

Signed artists grow their careers with precision because of the team of music industry professionals that back them. We've made the industry fair by giving every artist access to industry standard support.

Log-in and chat live with a music industry expert from any device. Get help taking over your city, planning out a digital marketing campaign for your upcoming single, and much more!

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Frequently Asked Questions

An online consulting company for musicians; with a focus on independent artists.

To help unsigned artists who were talented, but just didn't have the same support, guidance and resources as signed artists.

Daily access to your own personal team of music industry experts.

Music industry experts and former record label employees; all screened by More specifically, music marketing experts, PR experts, brand strategists and more.

Through live-chat, video calls, video responses and phone calls.

So that we can successfully recruit and hire top talent from the music industry and big-name record labels.

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